Discipline in the infancy of the 21st Century – Part 2

How to make a fresh start with your child after scolding them ...

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As parents, we must rely on the professionalism of teachers and place on them the responsibility of helping us to educate our children while they are in school. But never completely delegate in them or think that the school is the only one responsible for the education of our children.

On the other hand, teachers should complement the work of the families, not just paying atention to the content, leaving the transmission of values ​​only under the responsibility of the families. The teacher should not forget that the child spends more time at school than at home.

The actions of parents and teachers must be complemented and the relationship between them must be characterized by continuous communication and trust. Children should never perceive disagreement or disunity between their parents and their teachers.

Let us listen to our children, but we do not believe in everything they tell us. We have all been children. Let us all judge everything, let us be critical. Children must not feel that we will always be there to defend them, no matter what happens. Above all, they must not feel that we will be defending them whatever they do, even when their behavior is not correct.

Do not feel that we are willing to remove heaven and earth for them, even to confront their teachers. This is unheard. Where do we want to get? What are we teaching them behaving adults in that way?

The new times have brought us innovative strategies and educational techniques, which were just unimaginable a few years ago, but we have lost values ​​and education, very well considered before and so little valued now.

Again, I recommend that common sense be applied to take the best from each moment and approach satisfactorily towards the education of the future, without going crazy, without losing our minds.

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