Discipline in the infancy of the 21st Century – Part 1

What limits should we put on our children? What values ​​should we inculcate? What rules of behavior and coexistence should we teach them? How to apply new techniques and resources in education?

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These are some of the questions that parents and educators from all over the world are asking themselves, always with the intention of offering the best education to the children.

Parental protection is something natural as life itself, is in our genetic code and is necessary for the creation of figures of attachment, so important in the growth and development of children.

However, this protection taken to the extreme, is bringing many problems to the current society. Far from helping them, we will be generating irreparable deficits in our children as a result of this excessive protection, which is playing a leading role in today’s society.

The strict discipline that characterized the classrooms of the past, led by a figure of authority to which students and parents owed respect, has given way to the true chaos in which today’s classrooms are immersed.

We have gone from everything to nothing, nobody keeps the manners, is not respected anything or anyone. How about the classic values ​​such as the respect to the adults and the to the other classmates ? Where have the words “thank you” and “please” gone? I can’t see them any more.

The overprotection of children is generating a disaster that does not seem to have an easy solution. The result of this trend are children spoiled, impolite and devoid of values, which will give way to an adult society of questionable human quality.

Families and teachers must work in the same direction to educate adults who are self-sufficient and able to face a changing society full of bumps and difficulties.

Parents and teachers must form strong alliances of mutual collaboration to shape the behavior of children from childhood, as both are necessary and complementary figures in the development of children.

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