Underarm sweating is also known as axillary hyperhidrosis in medical terminology and is a medical condition, which is described as a condition involving dripping of sweat in the armpits, with a constant odor. This odor is usually resistant to all types of deodorants. Underarm sweating is a type of primary hyperhidrosis, which can be present in a person in singular form, or may be in conjunction with any or all other types of hyperhidrosis—this may include hands, feet, and face as affected areas.

Underarm sweating is one of the most troublesome forms of hyperhidrosis, as it produces odor, which makes working in a social sector a real task for the patients. It is believed that the sympathetic nervous system of the person over-stimulates the sweat glands, which cause underarm sweating. Though, almost all people have underarm sweating while doing some heavy physical work and exercise, but axillary hyperhidrosis occurs even in normal conditions. However, under stress and anxiety, this condition may increase considerably.

The problem of underarm sweating generally begins in the adolescence years; however, there are reported cases of children suffering from this problem. The severity of the problem increases in children, as they spend much of their time with friends in schools, playgrounds, and other areas. Their friends tease them and crack taunts, which can hurt the feeling of a child and can make a permanent impression on his or her mind, this may further lead to withdrawal effects and social phobias in the later stages of life. Proper attention should be taken by parents in order to make their children come out of this problem and not have social insecurity about their future, which can hamper the overall personality of the child. Usually parents tend to deny this sort of thing, and sometimes they refer it to as a cosmetic problem, when actually this is a medical problem and should be dealt accordingly.

Symptoms of underarm sweating

As it is already pointed out that this is one of the most troublesome conditions in hyperhidrosis, the symptoms of underarm sweating are most prominent. Sweat in armpits will make rings in the clothes of the person and will leave stains that can be very clearly seen. Underarm sweating also has odor, which is resistant to deodorants and cannot be controlled. If underarm sweating is present with other types of hyperhidrosis, then night sweating and hot flashes can also be associated with this condition. Though sweating is normal to the human body, excessive sweating is the direct symptom of any kind of hyperhidrosis.

Underarm sweating and social sector

It is an irony of the fact that underarm sweating poses more social problems than the medical problems for the person suffering from it. People suffering from underarm sweating face severe social and psychological problems while interacting with people and working in conditions where many people are working in closed conditions. Sometimes the effect of these problems overwhelms the person completely and it becomes extremely hard for the person to fit in its own environment. The career plans also suffer, as the person is short of confidence and faces self-esteem problems. However, psychological advice and counseling can help greatly in order to bring out the person from this mental trauma.

Players and persons who work in factories and manufacturing companies will also have to look for some treatments and other alternatives in order to keep themselves focused in the work.

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