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Menstrual Hygiene: 12 Interesting Ways To Care For Your Body During Menstruation

Menstrual hygiene routines are undoubtedly paramount during your period, although menstruation can be so discomfiting for ladies as they go through a lot during such time, ranging from cramps, to tiredness to mood swings. It is a period where many feel too tired or irritated,making it seem somewhat rigorous to care themselves, but it is also a time when caring for yourself is crucial.

Indubitably, menstrual health may seem like a herculean task but did you know that there are interesting ways to go about this? Yes, you read right! There are fun ways to care for your health, keeping you clean, looking and smelling fresh during menstruation.

Here are interesting ways to care for your body during menstruation;

1) Fun Exercises

Exercises may be stressful but can also be fun. You do not necessarily need to follow strenuous workout routines because during menstruation, you may experience fatigue. So, you can build your own workout routines. You could engage in dance exercises, walking through the stairs, skipping,yoga playing games and other light, fun-filled exercises. That way, your body system remains active while having fun.

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2) Adequate Rest and Sleep

Yes, I know your body feels tired and draining and that is the more reason you need adequate sleep, so your body can regain spent energies. Inadequate sleep can lead you to not functioning maximally or as you ought to. So, take a nap when you can, it’s not a time to feel pressurized by, or worried over anything. Menstrual hygiene also involves well resting.

3) Do Not Use Sanitary Pads for Too Long

I’m sure you do not want to come out with an unpleasant or unsavoury smell, so it is pertinent you do not use your sanitary towels or tampons for too long as doing so can result in one having a bad odour or even contracting a skin infection or disease.

4) Regularly Change Sanitary Pads or Tampons

Your sanitary pads should be changed regularly in order to prevent an unfavourable smell, body irritation and infections. Menstrual hygiene involves staying clean and healthy during your period; changing your sanitary towels frequently is one way to achieve that.

5) Bathe Properly

During menstruation, it is crucial to bathe regularly and properly. A   warm bath can relieve menstrual cramps  and tension. To make it fun, you can take a relaxing, bubble bath so as to feel fresher, cleaner and cooler.

6) Keep Your Environment Clean

It’s not just your bodies you are to care for during menstruation, your environment should be cared for as well. A dirty environment can make you fall ill, so in order to prevent that, properly clean your environment. A healthy surrounding has a tremendous impact on your health and well-being.

7) Be Active

During menstruation, keep yourself active by engaging in tasks, as this will aid in being physically and mentally alert. Being active also relieves menstrual cramps. Menstruation does not equate to doing nothing, engage yourself in meaningful, productive tasks.

8) Eat Healthy

Food is essential to the body, particularly during your period. However, it is not just about eating, but eating right and healthy. There are foods that are not advisable to be consumed during menstruation and there are those that are recommended. Avoid alcohol, junk foods, red meat, oily, sugary, salty foods particularly because salty foods lead to water retention that cause bloating and inflammation.

It is vital that you stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, taking water-rich fruits such as water melon and cucumber; ginger in form of ginger tea as it assuages painful periods, turmeric which is an anti-inflammatory spice, chicken and fish which are rich sources of protein and iron, leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans and yoghurt which cure yeast infections as some people contract such during or after menstruation.

Menstrual hygiene also embodies the food you take, so it is imperative you eat right.

9) Massage Therapy

Massages are indelibly helpful to women during menstruation as they reduce menstrual cramps and provide intense relief to them. The focal point of the massage should be the abdominal area as that is where the pain is.

10) Properly Dispose Sanitary Towels

Sanitary pads and tampons used during menstruation should be properly disposed in order to keep your environment clean and prevent you from falling ill.

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11) Use Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can aid in reducing menstrual pains. This can be done by using a heat pad, applying heat to the affected areas to deplete tension and create relief in the abdominal region.

12) Get Your Handy Menstrual Pack

When you have to go out, work, go shopping during menstruation, it is vital to carry your handy menstrual pack which contains everything that will soothe you during your period- from an extra pad or tampon, to any other relief material.

Menstruation is usually flustering for most women, so it is important that men care for their wives, sisters, daughters and even female friends during this period. Render assistance in whichever way you can to help soothe the pain and relieve the stress.

You can look, smell fresh and slay during your period, it starts from a healthy living and observing menstrual hygiene tips!

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