Emotions: a few simple steps to help you master them

We’ve all had situations where our emotions got the best of us. Often it’s because we didn’t realize what was happening until we were too far down the “emotional train” to change it. The best time to handle an emotion is when you first begin to feel and experience it fully. That way it won’t keep popping up time and time again. By following these six straightforward steps, you’ll learn how to master your emotions and take control of your life.

  • Identify what you’re really feeling
    The first step in learning how to master your emotions is identifying what your feelings are. To take that step toward emotional mastery, ask yourself:
    – What am I really feeling right now?
    – Am I really feeling…?
    – Is it something else?

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your emotions, knowing they support you
    Emotional mastery does not mean shutting down or denying your feelings. Instead, learning how to master your emotions means appreciating them as part of yourself.
    You never want to make your emotions wrong.
    The idea that anything you feel is “wrong” is a great way to destroy honest communication with yourself as well as with others.

  • Get curious about the message this emotion is offering you
    Emotional mastery means approaching your feelings with a sense of curiosity. Your feelings will teach you a lot about yourself if you let them. Getting curious helps you:
    Interrupt your current emotional pattern.
    Solve the challenge.
    Prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

  • Get confident
    The quickest and most powerful route to emotional mastery over any feeling is to remember a time when you felt a similar emotion and handled it successfully. Since you managed the emotion in the past, surely you can handle it today.

  • Get certain you can handle this not only today, but in the future as well
    To master your emotions, build confidence by rehearsing handling situations where this emotion might come up in the future. See, hear and feel yourself handling the situation. This is the equivalent of lifting emotional weights, so you’ll build the “muscle” you need to handle your feelings successfully.

  • Get excited and take action
    Now that you’ve learned how to master your emotions, it’s time to get excited about the fact that you can:
    – Easily handle this emotion.
    – Take some action right away.
    – Prove that you’ve handled it.
    Learning emotional mastery is one of the most powerful steps you can take to create a life that’s authentic and fulfilling.

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