How Authoritarian Parenting could affect your child II

Benefits of Authoritarian Parenting

While authoritarian parenting has negative consequences, it’s positive effects cannot be pushed aside:

  1. Discipline: Authoritarian parents emphasize on discipline, rules, and consequences. Hence, the child knows that if they break the rules, they have to bear the consequences. This trains the children to behave well and be disciplined.
  2. Responsibility: Children become used to following the rules and they never think about doing ‘wrong’ things. The habit becomes so strong that it continues through their adult life.
  3. Safe environment: Authoritarian parenting focuses on the safety of the children. This protects the children from bad company and wrong decisions.
  4. Clarity about goals: Authoritarian parents are structured. They have plans, rules, and instructions for everything and their children know what to do to reach their goals.
  5. Zeal to do things the right way: The children know about the consequences of failure. As they get used to doing things right it becomes a habit and drives them to success.

In spite of these positives, authoritarian parenting is not something psychologists recommend because authoritative parenting provides all these benefits minus the adverse effects.

How can you change from Authoritarian to Authoritative Parenting?

  • Have patience: Give yourself and your child the time to fall into a safe parenting zone. It will not happen overnight. Don’t lose your cool if things don’t work out. Stay calm and have patience. Your positive attitude can encourage your child to learn quickly.
  • Talk, discuss, and listen to your child
  • Encourage your child to learn from mistakes
  • Make changes gradually
  • Have fun while parenting: Parenting is not meant to be serious all the time. Have fun with your child, play with them, and bond with them through interaction. Adopt a friendly approach and nurture your child.

The authoritarian approach may not help you raise an emotionally healthy, confident child. A positive approach gives them the freedom to express themselves better, open up to you and grow.

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