Five easy ways to help your family develop healthy habits

Even with busy lives, it’s still possible to work health and wellness into each day and while it may difficult to get the whole family to lead healthy, safe lives, it is not altogether impossible. Here are some ways you can help your family develop healthy habits:

  1. Make time for family connections: Set aside time each week to come together as a family. This can be as simple as a meal and an evening walk. Or, you can make it more involved, like family game night where the whole family come together to pray together, watch shows or play fun family games together. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the activity gives everyone plenty of time for conversation and connections.
  2. Boost nutrition together: This can actually be fun because there are many different ways to do it. Try letting each family member choose one or two meals per week – but set guidelines that include a protein, a healthy vegetable, and a healthy starch. Go grocery shopping together and encourage your child to help you pick out fruits and vegetables. Make room for food experiments and encourage them to try new recipes with you.
  3. Sit around the table together for meals: When you’re hustling to get to work each morning, or you’re swamped with meetings in the evenings, it can be hard to pull the whole family together for meals. But try to eat at least once a day together – it doesn’t matter which meal – and sit together at the dining table.
  4. Cook together: Preparing meals with your child can help introduce healthy cooking and eating habits, and it’ll also give you the chance to turn a daily task into a great bonding experience. If you have a bigger family and you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen, divide and conquer. Cook dinner with one of your children one night, have your spouse and your other child cook the next night, and then alternate so everyone has a turn together.
  5. Encourage and celebrate each other: Wellness means feeling good about yourselves, too. Is your child worried about a test? Is your spouse or partner preparing for a tough presentation at work? Create a healthy family culture of encouragement and celebrate everyone’s success.

Even in the midst of hectic days and busy nights, you can focus on nutrition, exercise, and family time with these ideas. And not only will they help your family stay healthy and active, they’ll also boost happiness and appreciation for one another.

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