How To Plan A Safe Vacation As The Lockdown Eases-Up – Part 1

The continuing surge of COVID-19 around the world has thrown a wet blanket on summertime dreams of nature retreats, beach vacations and global getaways. The coronavirus certainly feels like a big obstacle to planning a vacation.

Bangkok, Thailand – February 18, 2020: Air travelers wearing masks walk through departures hall of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thailand has been assessed as a country at risk of Covid-19 outside of China.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that travel increases your chances of getting or spreading coronavirus, so the safest itinerary to protect yourself and vulnerable people would be to stay at home. If you still plan to travel at some point this summer by air or road, however, learn how to minimize your contact with people outside your household and be aware of the risks.

Riskier vacation options vs. less risky

Some locations and activities may put you at a higher risk for contracting the coronavirus. 

Least risky

  • Camping in the backcountry with your family.
  • Renting a vacation home through Airbnb or Vrbo for your family or inner circle.
  • Eating outside at a restaurant.

Medium risk

  • Visiting a busy beach or lake, especially in an area with growing coronavirus numbers.
  • Eating inside a restaurant.

High risk

  • Visiting a theme park.
  • Attending an outdoor concert.
  • Going to an indoor bar.
  • Flying to another country.
  • Flying to another country that isn’t on lockdown and has no quarantine measures for travellers.

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