Preparing For Bed

A few simple modifications may help ensure your body is ready for sleep:

  1. Stay hydrated but avoid too much fluid in the evenings. Water is the best drink for hydration, limit caffeine-containing drinks including cola after lunchtime and minimise alcohol because it disrupts the quality of your sleep.
  2. Exercise a few hours before you go to bed. The exercise will temporarily increase your core temperature allowing it to drop again in time to promote sleep.
  3. Stick as close as possible to your normal wake/sleep cycle, don’t be tempted to change your routine.
  4. A lukewarm shower before bed is better than a cold one – cold water will close pores and interfere with your ability to sweat and evaporate any excess heat away. 
  5. Feet and hands are important thermo-regulators, so keeping these extremities cool in hot weather may help promote sleepiness. Chill bed socks or wrist bands in the fridge and pop them on as you prepare for bed. 

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