For Men: How To Get Soft and Smooth Skin

Most of us associate dry skin with the colder months of the year, but you really need to address it all year. Precautions and care that you take now will not only help you in preventing dry, itchy skin during cooler weather but will also prevent premature ageing.

Reveling in your youthful appearance is something to take advantage of, not skimp on, so take a few minutes to read these tips, which prevent dry skin and premature aging. You and your dewy complexion will be thankful you did!

1. Wear sunscreen

Man moisturizing his skin

Please make sure you are applying an adequate amount of sunscreen everyday. |

Wear sunscreen every day, SPF 15 or higher, all over your body. Wearing sunscreen protects your skin from dryness, wrinkles, and worse — cancer. During the winter, make sure you dress in layers, to prevent overheating and perspiration, both of which can irritate skin and cause dryness.

2. Don’t take a hot shower


The hotter, the harder it is on your skin. |

Taking a hot shower dries your skin out terribly. Dermatologist Andrea Lynn Cambio tells WebMD that although a steamy shower feels good, hot water is not good for your dry skin. Hot showers strip your body of its natural oil barrier, which is needed to help trap moisture and keep your skin smooth and moist. Opt, instead, for a warm shower for no longer than five to 10 minutes. Once you get out, pat your body dry and moisturize immediately, allowing your opened pores to absorb your lotion better, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisture

Moisturizing is a must

You have to actually moisturize your skin to keep it soft. |

It’s also a good idea to switch your moisturizer according to season. For example, during the summer use facial lotion, which is lighter in consistency, and leave heavy creams for winter; they’ll help soften cracked, dry skin. Also consider trying facial oils for added moisture; you even add them into your lotions and creams for extra hydration.

4. Shave after you shower

Man shaving

Shave when your skin is already soft, like when you get out the shower. |

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, your hairs are softer and more pliable after a shower, making it easier to shave, and less likely to irritate and dry out your skin. Shaving also scrapes off natural oils that dry out your skin. Always use a shaving cream or gel and shave in the direction of hair growth to protect your skin.

5. Don’t use products that contain ethanol

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Products with ethanol make your skin feel tight. |

All, if not most cleansers and moisturizers contain alcohol. Even though alcohol is inevitable, it is important when you read products’ labels, as you always should, to make sure they don’t contain ethanol, a type of alcohol that really dries out your skin. Ethanol, which evaporates faster than water, is normally mixed into products, along with fragrances and salicylic acid. YouBeauty explains ethanol’s ability to evaporate quickly may also dissolve your skin’s surface oils, leaving your skin feeling tighter and drier.

When products claim that something is “alcohol-free,” they’re typically referring to the more simplistic form of ethanol. Unfortunately, though, many of these products still contain some alcohol. If you come across a product that contains no alcohol in any form, you’re in luck. You’ve found a great product for sensitive, dry skin — hang on to it!

6. Go for fragrance-free and sensitive skin products

Man holding aftershave

Be careful about using scented products on your skin. |

Products are usually tailored for dry or sensitive skin and normal skin. As previously mentioned, read product labels and understand what you are buying before you try it. The safest products to reach for are fragrance-free, and ones that specifically state that they are for sensitive skin and ones that don’t contain added fragrance.

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