The Right Way to Handle Naughty Children

Naughtiness is something that’s innate in kids. Rarely will you come across any kid who portrays silent and sober behavior. And though we believe that this naughtiness should be thoroughly enjoyed as with age this phase shall pass, we also understand that at times this naughty behavior turns out to be very challenging and difficult for the parents to handle. We often heard parents complaining about their children being extremely naughty and undisciplined. However, you should know that disciplining naughty children should never be about punishing or beating them as it can pent up anger in the young minds and lead to trauma. While it can be downright frustrating to deal with naughty kids, using a friendly and positive reciprocal approach is the right way to go about it.

Here we have a few tips on how parents can handle their naughty children and let them grow up into disciplined and well-behaved adults:

Set Limits

As parents, you need to understand your child’s needs and desires first. This will help you know what should be done and what is unnecessary. However, children at a young age are unaware of their own needs and so ask for whatever they think or see. Just providing them with everything they ask wouldn’t make you a good parent. Indeed, it will turn your child into a whimsical person ending up in tantrums. It is the responsibility of every parent to decide for the kids and let them know what they need and what they don’t.

Be Clear and Consistent

As parents, it is quite normal to go out of the limits sometimeswhen you have your own mood swings and bad days. But still, you need to be patient and kind with whatever you do to your child. Showing up love one moment and exploding the next moment for no reason is going to confuse your child for sure. As a parent, you need to be clear and consistent in setting the boundaries for your child. If they are prohibited to watch too many cartoons, it has to be the same every other day and no excuses even when you have a personal work or there are guests at home. What you do and say has to be consistent and should not change constantly or else they will throw out tantrums because of no stability or clarity in your actions.

Let Them Know the Consequences

When something goes wrong because of your child’s naughtiness, don’t shout at your child or punish them abruptly. You might get angered because of his/her clumsiness or bad behavior but do not lose your temper. Bad behaviors while being naughty are never acceptable. If they show tantrums bythrowing away things, breaking them,or hurting someone,let them face the aftermath of the situation and set things right. Let them know what consequences their behavior will have. Knowing the consequences of their actions teaches them to be responsible for their actions. Being cruel or obsolete is not going to help anyway and all you need to do is let them know what consequences their actions would bring on themselves as well as others.

Don’t Give in to a Tantrum

Generally what naughty kids do to get what they want is they start throwing tantrums. Never ever give in to it. Your child might be crying incessantly for more than 15 minutes and you might be tired of his/her actions or may just feel ashamed of people watching over, or you may even pity them. Whatever it is, do not indulge inyour child’s actions. This will let your child continue the same to pacify you or get what they want. Remember, their screams should never be stronger than your will. And the most important thing you need to show a naughty kid is that you are not happy with their behavior and in no way you are going to encourage it.

Teach, instead of Punish

Positive disciplining is always effective. When your child turns naughty, instead of punishing them, try to teach them what discipline is. Correct them where they go wrong and make them hold the responsibility for their behavior. Let them know how to behave in certain situations and always encourage them to avoid those bad behaviors and do better next time.

The right way to discipline children has always remained a controversial topic. This is because every child needs to be handled in a different way. However, there are certain things which should be kept in mind and followed in order to handle the naughty children well. We, at the K.R. Mangalam School, understand that we, the teachers, and the parents stand as the role models for the kids and as such any inappropriate behavior from our end can leave a deep mark on their minds. That’s why we follow a very strict policy in our school to deal with each and every kid in a very polite and patient manner. No sorts of physical punishments are encouraged. We, at KRMS, recognized as the best school in Delhi, believe that the art ofmanaging children is all about understanding their needs and ensuring that they develop into responsible individuals with good morals and values. All that is needed is to cherish, understand, respect, and most importantly, love them so that they realize their self-worth and pour in true efforts towards behaving the way they ideally should.

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