Top 3 Ways To Keep A Hydrated Skin

How to keep your skin hydrated during winters

Drink water:
When it comes to cold times, we end up drinking a lot of hot drinks and miss the most essential drink, which is water. So, this season make sure you drink a lot of water. This will help you to be hydrated internally.

Avoid hot water:
Taking a hot shower may keep you warm but it can strip moisture from hair and skin. We know that a hot water bath can be relaxing and soothing, but can also prove to be damaging to the skin. To avoid this, stick to lukewarm water baths. Also, indulge in nourishing body wash and shampoo.

Vitamin C:
Increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet. It helps boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin. It helps to keep skin firm and also protects it from wrinkling.

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