With up to date technology easily reachable to everybody, almost anything can be done through the Internet. From shopping, paying bills, to making reservations – most transactions can be done without ever leaving the privacy of the home. Even the field of medicine has caught on with the trend consultations can be made online, even purchasing medications can be made on the web. With the help of a computer, a stable internet connection, and a credit card, making and paying for prescription purchases have never been so easy.

Of course we can’t ignore the fact that buying medications from web-based pharmacies can be most convenient, especially for people who have very busy schedules and those who are physically incapable of leaving the house to buy their medications. Also, the fact the most online directions no longer require a prescription note from a physician gives its customers a lot of savings from not having to go to the doctor, not discounting the fact that the prices of the prescription drugs itself are already marked down.

But even with these enticing benefits offered by online drugstores, a lot of people ask if buying medications from Internet pharmacies is safe, or if it is okay to purchase medications without a prescription from these web-based drugstores. The key to answering these questions is to know which web-based pharmacies are legal and which ones are not. Here are some reminders to help you determine one from the other:

Trust only licensed and accredited Internet drugstores. 

Legitimate land-based and web-based pharmacies all went through a rigorous inspection from the local pharmacy board before they are allowed to operate in or dispense medications to the state. You can visit your local pharmacy board’s official website or contact them to see a list of licensed pharmacies. You may also want to take a look at the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website to see a list of online drugstores who have passed the standards set by the NABP and the different state pharmacy boards, and are a part of the Virtual Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS).

Look for web-based drugstores that require a prescription.

By law, no pharmacy should dispense prescription drugs without a valid prescription note. It is best to buy prescriptions only from online pharmacies that ask for a copy of your doctor’s prescription note before furnishing your order. In cases of web pharmacies that do not ask for a prescription, check if they have the option to make online consultations with their staff doctors. This assures you that you’re not going to be sold the wrong medications, or worse, counterfeit or expired prescription drugs.

Make sure your privacy is well-protected.

Look for Internet-based pharmacies that have an easy to understand privacy policy. Make sure you thoroughly read to ensure that the company has a plausible measure to use in safeguarding the information you entrust to them.

It’s safe to say that it’s still okay to purchase medications from online drugstores, you just simply have to know which websites to buy from. Hopefully the above mentioned tips will be useful for people who are planning to buy medicines on the net.

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